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WinLABS is a software application developed by USBC so local and state USBC associations are easily able to process and certify adult leagues, members, bowler’s achievements and operate tournaments. It is only available to USBC local and state associations, at no cost.

WinLABS requires that your computer has a Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system. When considering a new computer with Windows 10 or Windows 11, be aware that WinLABS will not install on Windows 10 or Windows 11 systems operating in S-Mode. Check the computer specifications for any computer you are considering, and if the specifications state the Operating System is Windows 10 or 11 (Home, Pro, or any other version) S-Mode, the computer will need to have S-Mode disabled before WinLABS can be installed. Also, check the hard drive space and processor, as S-Mode computers are like Chromebooks, in that there isn’t much memory and hard drive space.

     NOTE: WinLABS is NOT COMPATIBLE with Macs or Chromebooks

WinLABS minimum requirements are based on two things, association size and any other programs you will load on the computer. For a small association running only WinLABS and using the internet, 4GB Memory and 250GB Hard Drive. For a larger association with more programs that will be installed on the computer consider a minimum of 8GB Memory and 500 GB Hard Drive. For associations planning on creating a Local Area Network prior to installing WinLABS, please contact for guidance on what to purchase. Once you have your computer, connect it to the internet and leave it on. Reboot it several times in the next few days to make sure that all Windows Updates have been installed. WinLABS will not install on computers that are in the process of downloading, installing, or pending a reboot for Windows Update.

If you are a new Association Manager, get started by having your Association President or outgoing Association Manager contact the WinLABS Support team via email at to advise us of the change of Association Manager. Then make an appointment for an installation using the link below. We will assist you with obtaining a backup of the database used by the outgoing manager, as well as installing WinLABS and restoring the database.

If you are an existing Association Manager with a new computer, schedule your installation now by clicking the link below. Please do not attempt to transfer WinLABS via a transfer cable or program. The program must be installed by a WinLABS technician.

Please click here and watch a brief video addressing WinLABS installation requirements.

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Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about WinLABS.